Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to School

It's August! I cannot believe it! This summer has flown by and I am now faced with the task of school supply shopping! I walked around the store this am with my exuberant 6 year old- clutching all things cool and totally unnecessary for this upcoming school year. For example- a pen, a glowing green pen with an alligator head with eyes that bulge out when you squeeze it...sooooo not necessary! But I didn't want to spoil the excitement he was having of "school stuff"... so he got to pick one special unnecessary thing that would make him feel like a superstar on the first day of 1st grade. Here he is- super cool alligator pen and happy kid!

We completed the task today with only 2 stores visited. Awesome! Fortunately he has a few cousins that are a grade or two ahead of him in school- hand me down uniforms are great! We have a pile to try on and hopefully school clothes will be complete too! Thank goodness for family and friends! I wish everyone out there an easy back to school season! Now, we are off to enjoy the sun, before TS Emily knocks on our door!