Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The making of an art-o-mat block edition

Every once in a while I get a lovely little green card in the mail from Art-o-mat saying "OUT - please send more." 

It's a great thing to open the mail and see that people love what I am making and would like more of it! So- this is my process of making an edition of 50 little wooden art blocks for Art-o-mat!

First, see those little brown blocks pictured above? That is a bunch of freshly cut wood blocks that I use for my little critters and trees. My super woodworking California Dad cuts them for me :) Thanks Dad! They are completely raw and need a coat of paint on all sides. This is generally accomplished as a group effort- meaning all hands on deck for a block painting party! Usually though, it's just my Mom and I drinking coffee and monotonously painting 20 of each color 200 at a time! It's a big job and I love her for helping me!!! Thanks Mom! Great family effort :)

Once they are all painted I have to put my art on them :) I do trees and animals with glasses, some cute birds and jellyfish and other critters. I hand sketch all of the images, then paint them in. Not one is ever identical- that would be boring!

 See- here are some cute Jelly's. I usually do 10 of an animal/tree at a time. I try to use really bright, happy colors- something that will pop and make you smile if you catch a peek of a little block sitting on a shelf or desk somewhere. 

 Happy and bright! See those two little blocks right there /\ the fox and owl? Those were done by my kids. Those little blocks sit on our book shelf in a spot of pride! I love that they like to create when I'm painting. 

The artwork has been painted on, detailed and signed on the back and finally spray sealer is added, to make sure they last and last. But I can't just ship them off like that...nooooo they need to be wrapped with a business card and my info attached. 

For this next step you need a giant roll of acetate. I cut little strips of it to wrap around the blocks...then they get wrapped up with a business card and a really sticky piece of tape.  

There are 50 of these little things, so it's a good bit of time before it's complete. I usually play music, Pandora- Octopus Project is one of my creating stations- and wrap away! 

Here they are- my little blocks of love. All wrapped and ready to ship out to  Art-o-mat central. From there they will be shipped all over the states, sometimes even over seas! Pretty cool huh!!!

That is the life of my little art-o-mat blocks from start to when they find a new home!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I have a middle schooler! Yikes!

Look at this sweet little face. This was taken the day my oldest 'little' was born. He was so tiny and pink. I was afraid to touch him, yet I couldn't keep my hands off of him. Those were the days. Late night snuggles, cute cooing noises, first smiles and laughs. Sure, there were a few months of colic, but how easily we all forget the rough stuff as your children grow.

Jump ahead 11 years and my 'little' isn't so little anymore. He's a graduating 5th grader- on to middle school...and I am terrified! What is middle school going to bring? I remember middle school- and honestly I don't wish 6, 7 or 8th grade on anyone, but it is a right of passage I suppose. We all have to go through those awkward years and start to grow up.

To commemorate this milestone I have created this mix of all ages of the boy. Not that anyone on the web cares about this particular kid but me...and perhaps my family :) but whatever! 

He's a bright kid and fearless, unless it's a roller coaster or putting medicine on a booboo. He has tackled snakes and all forms of lizards, a baby brother, K-5 school and now even a divorce.  He's growing up too fast, but is doing a great job at it! Love you the mostest D! xo

Thursday, March 10, 2016

How do you sell your art and how to make it better?

I work from my home studio. It's a nice little set up in the Florida room. It opens to a lush green backyard where I can watch my kids play, watch birds do their thing, and find some natural inspiration. It's great- and I honestly love what I do. The question is, how can I do it better?

I have been a seller on ETSY since 2011. It's been great, until 2 years ago, when they switched all the search methods around.  In 2014 I had 17,000 views of my shop. That's a lot of people looking at my art, which made me so very happy. But last year I only had 7,816 views. That is a terrible jump! It downright makes me angry!

In order to make up for all those lost views, people who could have been potential buyers, fans of LuckiiArts, I have been searching for other sites to sell my fine artworks on.  It's tough combing through all of the sites out there that promise customer reach, great exposure and low fees for artists.

They all kind of promise the same and all fall a little short. So, I have moved on to sites such as Redbubble and Society6 and Zazzle. These sites allow me to upload my artwork and place them on dozens of products. They are really a great alternative and I can scan my original pieces of art into the computer and use them even after I have sold the original pieces.

This little guy is one of my best sellers on Society6.  Blue Manatee can be found on techy things as well as T-shirts, housewares and totes.

 These super cool high-tops are a new product on Zazzle.  I am in the process of adding images to high and low tops on this site! It's really fun creating products with my art. I can't even imaging what I'd do if I ran into someone wearing one of my images!

I have been checking books out at the library too.  There is so much free information out there on how to make your business grow, organize and just be better! This has been a great book to read through, as it has info on pricing artwork, how to make a profit and how to handle taxes. All things I thought I knew, but have learned I really could improve on. I recommend taking a trip to your local library and just see what they have...you might be pleasantly surprised!

My latest find is a blog called: by Regina. She has some great- and I mean great ideas on making your business successful. I particularly love that she has a creative action plan instead of your typical business plan. I don't know about you, but I have tried more than once to write an understandable business plan- and all I end up with is a bunch of terms and direction that has little to do with art. Regina has a nifty 10 page free download that is all about the creative side of business...how to engage, and really draw possible customers in. I am on #3 and am having lots of good ideas and fun brainstorming and thinking of ways I can up my social game and improve clicks, customers and fans!

That's all I have for now. What places do you sell...and how do you find new venues? How do you plan on upping your social game? It's a good discussion to have with fellow online sellers don't cha think?


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome 2016

Happy New Year!

Christmas in Downtown WPB

As this is the beginning of a brand new year, I thought it would be a great idea to post some of my favorite highlights from 2015. Favorite places and events, as well as great art that I had fun creating. 
Hope you enjoy my mix of 2015!

south Florida fair

south Florida fair
This was a great day at the South Florida Fair. The boys had a blast rolling around in these water balls!

This was a day at a marina park over on Palm Beach. The banyan trees over there are stunning. The boys climbed every one!!!

This was the summer of lizards. Cuban anoles, Knight anoles and regular old brown anoles. You name it, if it lives in Florida the kids caught one! Oh...and butterflies!!!
Monarch butterfly

Yellow Sulphur butterfly
We hatched so many beautiful butterflies. 

lots of chrysalises

Fun artwork I created:
funny signs

custom piece for a new therapist's office

beachy doorway sign
I made some pretty cute custom signs! 

New moves:
new house gate!

front door view

My friend bought her very own house...pink with gargoyles! It is perfect!!!

To finish the year off: more artwork, my new favorite whiskey drink, Honey :) Canvas WPB show and some clay sculptures by my kid!!!
present for a little girl's bedroom door

portrait of Daddy

My little at Canvas WPB
some new mini canvas's in my etsy shop
 Hope everyone had a great year! 2016 has started off a little differently for me this year. Facing lots of new challenges and life changes, but everything works out in the end...at least that's what I've been telling myself. I am excited for new prospects in my art business and life in general! 

Wishing everyone a stellar 2016! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Holidays

It's been 5 months since I posted anything...and that I cannot believe! It is amazing how time flies. You blink, and the kids are having another birthday- school has started, holidays have come and gone- and now we are nearing Christmas! Whewww!!

Believe holiday signs
I have been swamped with Etsy and LuckiiArts orders, which is always a good thing!
 *Oh, those wooden Believe signs are available in my Etsy shop, just in case you were wondering! 

So, I just wanted to share some pieces I have been working on. Memory Illustrations galore! 

Full Mickey Mouse head

Golden Memory Illustration

the World is Yours Illustration

I have also done lots of address tiles, lots!! They are always fun to make though! I love the idea that all across the world- people have tiles of mine decorating their homes! I have sold to Australia, Netherlands and Turkey, to name just a few! Pretty neat huh!

Zen tiles

Asian Dragonflies

Modern tiles

Custom Spanish tiles

I have been loving selling on both RedBubble and Society6.  They have added so much diversity into their sites: from techy gear for phones and computers to housewares, like shower curtains and pillows and rugs- and of course they always have stickers and T's! 

 I recently signed on to sell at a site geared towards children and moms called BOOMBOOM. They have maternity, baby and pet products!  It's exciting to see my work on say, a dogs sweater...or a baby blanket! So if you need a cool present for a new baby or Mom, please check out my BoomBoom site! 

Christmas Red Bird onsie

Puppy T's

Firefly Lunch Bag

Fluffy Pet Bed
Alright, I am off- lots to do and get mailed out! 

 Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday season!