Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Happy (almost February) 2017!

Happy 2017!!! Thank goodness 2016 is over- WORST YEAR EVER!!!  

New year- new goals- new relationship status...new president (hrmmm) lots happening this year! 

So yes, 2016 sucked for me. My husband left our family- spontaneously and very mid-life crisis-y. Swell, but we are moving on :) New Year- New Possibilities. 

Just like this cute little cartoon says, 365 opportunities. I have tried to take that approach so far this year. Looking at each day as a "what can I accomplish today" attitude. I've done a lot actually, which surprises me. Have I succeeded every day? No, not every day. You can't be cheerful and happy and positive every day of your life can you? I can't, that's for sure. But for the most part I have truly put effort into saying yes to new opportunities. 

I am trying to take my LuckiiArts business to the next level. I am going door to door in little brick and mortar shops peddling my goods. It's scary! Walking blind into a shop and selling yourself and your art. But I'm getting bolder and what do they say, practice makes perfect! New goals!

I am also looking at selling wholesale. Also scary- but let's face it, I'm scared of everything these days. Not gonna lie. My life fell apart a year ago and I'm still picking up pieces of myself. The silver lining is that with the picking up comes an opportunity to create a new me. I actually started a pinterest board just for that reason. To remind myself that I have a clean, blank slate- shiny and ready to be drawn on with anything I want! If you are in need of a little pick me up to remind yourself you've got this...go look it up. It's called "The New Me"

I've been working a lot too. Making new wood burned pieces that I love!

Cute little mini pallets huh! So here it is: 

 New Goals for 2017

*make an edition of Art-o-mat blocks every month
*post a new blog piece every month 
*get my art in some stores locally   
*start to sell wholesale      
*spend the time I have with my kids really WITH them, doing
 fun stuff
*say yes when given an opportunity    
*travel more- even small in-state trips

That is a decent start right? I think it's doable for me! 

Here's to a prosperous new year filled with love and joy and good fortune! 

See you next month ;)