Thursday, January 26, 2017

I'm feeling pretty proud!

So, one day later and I'm stoked to write that I did two pretty 'way to go you' things already! 

The first is just mechanical really. Our pool pump and vacuum has been acting weird. I have played with it for 2 weeks trying different things to see if I could get things working right again. Today I replaced some parts, cleaned everything possible and found a clog in the skim line. I cleared the clog and re-cleaned everything. Turned it on and Ta-Daaaaa pump is working great- vacuum is back flying across the pool floor. It took me a few hours but I am feeling pretty happy! I almost called one of my guy friends to help open one of the baskets. It was on sooooooo tight I nearly broke every stick and pipe I used to open it with. But, my trusty hammer and I made a good team! Girl power!!!

Second on my 'you go' accomplishment list is that LuckiiArts by Casey Virata is now in a local shop in Lake Park. It's a cute little shop called Coastal Market Place full of beachy ocean art and furniture. My work fits right in! Yay!!! I was brave and drove over with a box full of art and magnets and address tiles and signs- oh and postcards too. The shop wanted it all. Here's to hoping that lots of people come in and see my stuff and I'll get oodles of local business! It would be so neat to drive around town and see my address tiles on business and homes!! Yep...that's one of mine ­čść

What have you done today? Which step have you reached today? I am discovering that if you are brave and bold and just close your eyes and do it...most likely you can!

My new mantra...Yes, you can do it!!! 

 Go do something today. Go do something BRAVE, GENEROUS, HELPFUL or just something that makes you HAPPY. Life is too short to not do things that make you happy! YES, You can do it! 

See you soon