Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Post Spring Break Crazy!

Spring Break was just a blip to us this year! As the kids get older it seems time really does fly by!

School is back in and FSA testing has begun! Yippee...can you hear the enthusiasm??? Me neither...

Our PTA has got their eyes on the ball though. With all of the end of the year things coming up fast, I decided to post a free template for other PTA moms and dads looking for ideas for their school too!

First up is a cute idea we are doing for Teacher Appreciation Week. We got these booklets of card stock online at CutCardStock in the sale section! Score!! Some of the booklets were less than $3.00 for 36 sheets. Great deal!

card stock for postcards
There are pages of travel themes, spring fruits and flowers, cool geometric shapes and patterns...lots of cute, happy designs to use as postcards. The PTA will cut each card stock in half- so they will be 3 x 6 postcards- not the typical, but still sweet and usable! We drew up this little instruction sheet for the Guidance Teachers to show the kids! When each class goes to their guidance special next month, they will get to make postcards for their teachers or staff members that mean something special to them!

postcard instruction sheet

 We will supply them with colored pencils and markers and let them be creative! Then, during teacher appreciation week, we will have a group of special delivery students hand out the mail :) I love it!!!

The free template I am posting though is for our actual PTA use. We have been toying with the idea of a newsletter just for PTA. Our school has a solid ...ahhh...maybe 5 volunteers. That's it! We have over 500 students but very little parent support. We are trying desperately to get everyone involved- and thought maybe a special note home to parents letting them know what is coming up, what we need volunteers for and how they can help- well, MAYBE that would spark some interest?

So, we googled newsletters and PTA letters and a slew of other things before we came up with...let's just make our own. So we did! Here is the link for the free template you see below. I left a little space open in two places for school logos. You'll see what I mean when you see the picture of our Belvedere Bees Updates. 
free template

I used GIMP and just made little text boxes and filled in what we wanted it to say. I added our little school Bee and tada....... Belvedere PTA Updates:  You could easily do this in Word also. Just insert your school logo and use text boxes like I did.

our Newsletter using the template above

So if you'd like a free template of the little boxes above click here and get creative!

What are you doing fun for teacher appreciation week???