Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whoa Time Flies!

Yes- I suck.  Finding time to blog and paint and do holiday things and actually have a family- how do people do it? I am currently working on a wedding piece a woman is giving to her fiance...so sweet and great stories in their piece...pics to come soon!
My other project is working on my next edition of Art-o-Mat blocks.  I sent in the first set...let's see if they sell??? I am having fun playing around with colors and different plants/animals.
These are the "itty bitty blocks" new in my Etsy store- they are some of the scrap edges that were too small for the Art-o series...but I love the size (2 x 2.5 x .75) so cute to tuck into a tiny place!

 This is the new edition of the Art-o series I am working on.  Don't they look cool all in a row? (That is for you Skip)  I kind of wish I had done my first edition with all of this color- i like them sooo much more than the first...but no stressing over it! These are looking GREAT!

 Trees and birds for now...but, I am playing around with the idea of fun bugs? Would u keep a cool bug on a shelf or desk at work???

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2012 is spectacular for us all!