Monday, October 1, 2012

The launching of Luckii Arts

I am so excited!
I have launched my very own website:    Can you say WOOHOO with me?

I have portfolios and updates on projects and most own shop! It is not connected to Etsy or any other community site (though I do love my Etsy shop), this is my OWN site.

I know I am a little late on the website bandwagon- but man, it is daunting reading all of that instructional stuff...half learning html so I can fumble through the editing of  my pages. Seriously, I consider myself a smart cookie...but I did struggle at times. Ultimately though- I pulled it off. I am at day 3 and counting.

And let me just say to my fellow small web-based business friends out there- PINTEREST! I pinned my own picture of my tiles and in 30 mins got 7 hits from pinterest. It is a struggling artists best friend! 
this is the pic I pinned
 So if anyone would like to stop by and have a peek- I am a sponge when it comes to critique. Let me know what you think works..doesn't work...if you came across my site in a search-would it make you stop and flip through some pages? Any and all thoughts are welcome!

Oh- and I am working on my professional page- like other places I can be found, my professional background...that is on this page- and is in the edit phase!

I hope everyone stops by. I am nervous and excited and brain fried all at once...but that is normal for a Mom on any given day! hehehe