Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's give this a shot!

That's right...I'm new and slightly behind the times on getting myself out there. I am currently a SAHM  and a working artist. And by working I mean I am actually selling art. It's an amazing feeling to make something that you think is great- then to see that other people also think it is great! Wow! Who could ask for any more?

 So I am starting off with an introduction I guess.  I live in beautiful WPB Florida. I have two great kids, a rockin' husband and a fabulous backyard where we play...oh, and a very old kitty! I garden, cook various creations from the corners of my pantry, go to the beach, paint, draw and create out of pretty much anything I can recycle.  Most of my paintings are done on reclaimed canvas or found tiles/wood. I have a shop on ETSY that is new (as I said, behind the times a bit) but the shop is doing well, so I am happy!

 This is craft time with Mommy! We made great garden stones!