Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mario Brothers

We are a family of Mario Kart'rs. From the very early versions of Nintendo- to the Wii of today...Mom, Dad and both kids compete to win that cup! My kids are small- 6 and 3, but have big opinions of what they want to be for Halloween...Nintendo characters of course! Tage always plays Peach or Mario.  We tried on a Peach costume- because he REALLY wanted to be Peach...but the costume was too big- so Mario wins! Dain LOVES Luigi...swears he's the fastest kart there is! Obviously Dain wanted to be Luigi!
So here they are- the Mario Brothers- true to form- Luigi is even taller than Mario- nice!

They are saving the real mustaches for Halloween night- so we make paper ones with sticky tape for play.  And they get lots of play- I have already washed them (they stand up great in the machine) because the kids wear them every day! Gotta love a well loved/worn costume! Yea MarioKart!!!

Happy early Halloween!!!