Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and Legoland review

Howdy all! It is my favorite day of the year...and I am super excited to get the kids (and me) all dressed up and go out trick or treating!

To celebrate early- we went to Legoland Florida on Friday! It was a blast! Really- the kids loved it...and the grownups too! Thank you VIP free passes!
I am so happy they kept the garden parts of the park- from old Cypress Gardens.  It was really beautiful- but be warned...FULL of mosquitoes.  The garden was lovely but half way through the walk we were swarmed by small bird sized mosquitoes...and man they bite!  But just look at this tree- beautiful!

The rides were was even good! :O) All in all it was a great trip! If you are thinking of a trip there- and are on the fence- we all say GO!
 Look at this happy 3 year old driver- got his license and even avoided 2 collisions! Future race car driver!
 Please do not feed the animals!
Look- we went to New York! heheheh

 See- even the grown-ups had fun on the roller coasters...that is Mike that looks like he is jumping out of the cart- and me with my eyes closed....scary!!! heheheh

OK- so highlights....very neat carousel that is 2 stories, my little one's loved the wizard roller coaster in the castle area...just the right speed! We had hamburgers for lunch- they were tasty, good bread...and the kids loved the fries.  There were playgrounds of sorts all over- our favorite was the ball enclosure. Kids fill up shooters with soft balls and shoot them at each other- great fun!
The one ride we felt was not worth the wait was the safari ride- though the animals are amazing- the ride felt like 30 seconds...and waiting in line for 20 mins with restless kids to do that was not worth it to us!
The whole driving section was so cool- boats, cars, make your own vehicles...very popular spot with us! The kids really liked the sky ride- which is not really a ride as it is a large space ship thing that just rises above the park (from old Cypress Gardens) but they loved seeing the park from up above! Miniland was great for us older lego builders- ohhhs and ahhhhs at the amazing sites.   Bathrooms were clean and abundant.  We even saw giant Lego people ski! hahaha 
Hit the BIG store on the way out - because everyone wanted a lego from legoland!

I am leaving off many highlights-  but I don't want to give everything away! If you go- hope you have as much fun as we did!

Happy Halloween all! Spook it up tonight!!!