Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012

So I am a part of the  2012 Sketchbook Project Tour.  I mailed in my book- but I decided to scan in all the pages- as the sketchbook will become part of the Brooklyn Art Library's permanent collection.  The books are slated to go on tour all over the world starting this April.  You can check here to see if the tour will stop in your town.
 This is the cover- front and back...not crazy or anything...just little doodles...the rest of the pics are in if you were flipping through the pages.  Some fold out- so if the page looks big- it's an origami page of sorts...folding out from the original page size! 
 I didn't have any grand ideas for this. Some of the sketchbooks I have seen are so elaborate and beautiful- not so much mine.  I took this as a true sketchbook- full of ideas and trying out colors and concepts. 

 As you can see- I like a lot of tiny words, texture and patterns.  It's kinda my thing.

 This is a page that folds out- the first page has 3 sketches that flip various ways- and the next page actually opens into an 11 x 14 heavy weight page.

 Some animals I like to do- I love the blocking and again- my tiny drawings.
 This is a Jasper Johns from the litho series 0-9.  I love his work.  I have always been fond of this one in particular.

 Tired sketches late in the wee hours of the am.

 These birds are for my Mom...she loves them. 
 Tattoo sketch for my sister-in-law.  And some Japanese inspired doodles.
 Poppies- love me some poppies!
 My trees- for the art-o-mat blocks.
 Testing out leaves and textures for the blocks.

 End of the line.
That's it- the whole book.  Pretty neat that it will live in a library when the tour is done. It's also pretty neat that it is going on tour. There is a bar code on the back of the book and every time someone looks at my sketchbook I will get an email notification. Soooooo neat! I will be doing this again I am sure!

If anyone else participated in this- I would LOVE to see your book too! Leave me a comment link!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!