Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Super Bowl, Gardening and Valentine's craft!

Yes- it's that special Sunday..when my husband gets all giddy and has the house set up just so. The kids have been banished outside so there are no distractions to the pre-game shows! And what am I busy doing??? Well- I am working in the garden...picking out tiny mushrooms hiding in the bean plants! Yuck!
But look how great they are coming along...
Dain is so proud! He checks the garden every day for bad bugs and finds earthworms to add to the soil!

Look how tiny our sprouts still are- this is bok choy and lettuce in the back...I think (I lost my planting sheet- rather it was rained on and turned to mush) But that's the fun of waiting to see what pops up I guess! :)

Last night I began work on yet another black and white crab drawing.  I seem to sell those pretty quickly.  So as I was taking a break and making a cup of coffee- Dain tells me he has a list of animals he wants me to draw.  So I dutifully write them down- as his ideas are generally quite brilliant! :)
Here is the list:  Squid, Platypus, Dragon Fly, Moose, Manatee and a Deer with antlers- like Harry Potter! hehehe that last one made me chuckle!
So I played with the first on the list last night- a squid...
cool huh! He is just a mock- Dain has claimed this one as his own.

    One last thing- Valentine's Day at school.  We wanted to do something fun- and since Dain loves bugs- I came across this super cute idea (I saw it on pinterest) with lolli pops and wings- they were butterflies- but we made dragonfly wings....

We still have to add stickers and sign them all- and when we do I will post those too.  He's really happy with too! So - Happy Super Bowl Sunday- happy gardening and early Valentine's to all!
Goooooo Giants!