Sunday, March 4, 2012

3 D Doodles

I am so proud of my Mom! She has always sewn things.  When my sister and I were little, we always had matching sundresses- with hats...and our dolls were the best dressed in Mom would make them the coolest clothes! She does the neatest counted cross stitch pieces too- little houses, gnomes, happy little characters with soccer balls or favorite stuffed animals! So one day I saw a woman on Pinterest who makes these neat little critters out of kids drawings...I sent Mom the picture and told her, "Hey this is just like when you made Dain Wearhouse Mouse" - before Disney had thought to make one.  My kids were desperate for a mouse back then!

Now, Mom has taken on the task of making some imaginary friends drawn by children(Dain and Tage being the test subjects)...and here are a few results! I will be taking some crisper images...because I am making her a site to sell them on! The world is big enough for a few drawing makers!!!
So, here are just a few- and I will post more as I get new pics!

 Dain age 7...He loves green Kirby...and his little brother Tage loves yellow Kirby!
and Tage age 3- loves the fish tank- the red fish is his "favorite fish ever!" There is alot of "ever" in our home!

There you have it- just a few to start off with- but so cute- and boy will these make my kiddos happy as sunshine!
Have a great week everyone!

oh- and just to brag a bit more on my Mom- here are a few pics of her cross stitch...soon to be on Etsy!

nice huh!