Monday, March 12, 2012

New address for the home!

I have been busy with home address tiles this past month.  Lots of orders and special requests! This one is a garden theme- birds, bugs and lots of flowers! Love it! I think they turned out so nice.

Then we have a lovely mix of blues and browns...
Just so happens both of these customers liked this font!

This last picture is awful...the sky was gray and not a drop of sun available for outdoor pics...but you can see the tiles well enough I suppose! These were for a family from Spain...wanted something to match all of their pottery in the garden.  The husband built a neat wooden frame for them...I have been promised a picture of them when they are installed!
and last but hopefully not least...a lovely set of LOVE coasters...yes, I truly do LOVE how these turned out! that my tiles will adorn people's homes!  In and out!!!