Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner

I was looking in the fridge last night for dinner.  We went out of town for the weekend- and have yet to hit the grocery is my story:

So... what's in the fridge that I can conjure up into a fabulous meal???
Let's see- we have eggs, 7...and goat cheese...some spinach- half a sweet onion...garlic...yes- I see where this is going...and some deli salami...hummmm- can you say frittata??? But I don't want to make a plain boring my kids take one look at a regular size frittata and turn and run- so I am going to make mini' cupcakes but all savory and hearty goodness! How hard can it be???

So- I took my standard recipe- (I mixed together a few recipes that I have tried over the years and kinda made my own favorite) and added hard salami, about 8 deli slices-chopped
half a tomato-chopped
spinach and my 7 eggs...oh and I threw in a little serving of mashed potatoes from the night actually made them fluffy and a little less egg-y, which is good for the kids!

Ok- Sorry- I should probably do the main recipe in full huh...might be helpful!
So we have onions, garlic, salami, spinach, seasonings..add one at a time to skillet and cook accordingly until spinach is cooked! Let cool for a minute. You are going to add this to the eggs in a bit.

Whisk the eggs with tomatoes(and if you have any left over mashed potatoes- I whisked them here with the eggs)...pinch of salt and pepper (one thing I learned watching Top Chef is you can never forget salt/pepper- or Tom Colicchio might bust in a give me a scolding) add the cooked ingredients to the eggs...pour half into a greased muffin tin (I used cooking spray- but if you want to be really naughty you could use butter) then put a blop of goat cheese...or two- depends how much u like the stuff...then top with remaining egg mixture and top off with goat cheese again...we like the stuff!
***I did do a few minus goat cheese- instead added some mozzarella- kids choice***

I tried the oven at 350 for 20 minutes- but they were not browned up total cook time about  30 minutes till brown and scrumptious! Holy Cow- what a great dinner!!! My husband even packed the remaining 3 for lunch today at work! Excellent!!!
(ps- this made 12 cupcake frittatas)

Happy Breakfast for Dinner!!!