Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dinosaur Mural

Looking through old photos the other day- I came across a mural I had done for my nephew.  He is twice as old now- and has moved beyond Dinosaurs and into the world of Star Wars and Ninjas...but this was a great room for him back in the day when Dinosaurs were "it"!
 The T-Rex...because who doesn't love the T-Rex...but not too scary or mean!
We had to have a Triceratops too! Note the dino-birds...and the volcano. He had a few requests of what he wanted in the background!

We had to have a Long-neck too (I think it was a brontosaurus?) and had to trail the tail off the other wall.  He wanted rocks...I remember that was super important!

 He really was quite proud of his Dino-room. I was too! Wow- how time flies!