Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Art-O-Mat blocks please!

So- lots going on these days.

First...I ran an ad on Etsy for 7 days...and spent all of $5 doing so...and the response was incredible! I took in 12 orders due to that ad...and made a pretty profit!...that we used on our family vacation last week! Thank You to ETSY- for making advertising affordable- and profitable! I will be running another ad very soon!!! These    were a few of the tiles I just did from last week!

 Second- My family did  take a week off to play in the sands of Sanibel Island.   The boys had so much fun catching fish and crabs and finding the coveted Sand-Dollar...unbroken!

 It was a great week of sun and fun! We stay at this awesome house right off the beach... LOVE IT! This was our third...maybe fourth year at SeaWinds...best 'home away from home' ever!

These are some sunglasses my oldest found on the beach...the boys wore them all week (after Daddy sanitized them of course!)
 Lots of Starfish were in the shallows at low tide...found them every 10 feet or so! We, of course, had starfish and king crown shell races.

Here is a small crab Dain caught...man, these boys were fast- catching tiny fish and all sorts of critters in butterfly nets of all things...at one point I think they had 20 plus little fish in their pails.

First thing in the morning- out the door...nets and pails in hand!

I have posted a few times about being an Artist in Cellophane for the Art-O-Mat project.  I am quite happy about it! I have received a few notices of where my blocks have been purchased...CA, Key West, Michigan...how cool is that!
So I was asked to send in another round of blocks...and I just finished them- all packed and ready to go!

 Aren't they cute? I got some new colors- and worked up some new little creatures...love the frogs and owls! Oh- I love them all- they are like my children! hehehe
Here is the link to find an art-o-mat near you. There are some terrific artists that do jewelry, photos, 2D, 3D...you name it...I need to take a trip down to Boca (the closest machine to me)

So that is it...my past few weeks all wrapped up in this little blog.  Enjoy! I certainly have! :)