Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hatching Butterfly

Look at the Dill blooms- so pretty!It's as big as a soccer ball!
Happy Last Day of School! It was a special day on 2 counts....of course, the start of summer vacation, 2:01 pm this afternoon...AND, our chrysalis hatched today!!!

My son found this lovely chrysalis on the Dutchman's Pipe vine growing in Oma's (dutch grandma) yard! He was so excited...and found a dry, safe home for it until it hatched...on our potting bench hook!

We have checked it every day after school, after going out to the store...and finally today while my son was at his last day of school- the lovely butterfly hatched.  He hung out for awhile drying his wings...and then took flight in search of food no doubt! I took some pictures so my son could see what he cared for so kindly!
Now we have a new member to our garden family! I believe he is a Pipevine Swallowtail.
Gotta love kids that find nature fascinating!!! I am so lucky my boys like the outdoors!
Hope everyone has a super start to the summer!!!