Monday, August 6, 2012

Etsy Goodies from Black Willow Soaps

I recently had a lovely experience with a great Etsy seller.  Her name is Natalee Wright and her shop is Black Willow Soaps.  This is the wonderful package I received from her.  She had soaps and candles, body spray, sugar and salt scrubs...oodles of samples of all of her great smelling hand made soaps! I was in heaven opening the box!
A full size bar of soap- yummm

Her candles smell wonderful- and look at the sample soaps!
 My children have been so cute...they picked out their favorite smells from the sample soaps she sent us. They each get to pick a new soap for bath time.  Of course we use up the old ones first...but with two little boys who like to soap the walls- toys- maybe a foot or two if we are lucky...these little samples last about 3 baths!But that's ok. It's so nice to see my boys clean and smelling so yummy! They are appreciating the art of bathing...and that is priceless with little boys! :))) Thank you Natalee!

This is body spray...smells like bananas. My 7 yr old LOVES this!

Salt and Sugar Scrubs!

 Look how pretty this packaging is! Natalee makes her own little brown boxes out of brown paper grocery bags- so neat! And hand stamps everything.  It was so special opening each little box to find a new goodie inside!

Hand made box...

Look how sweet...

and her packaging of the actual product is great too!
Natalee takes great care when packaging and it shows.  I was inspired to work on my own packaging after opening her box. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Black Willow Soaps.  The scents in her items are fantastic.  My favorite thus far is the Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub and the Handmade Olive Oil Soap with Sandalwood Vanilla scented with Blueberry Seeds


 If you are looking for a great gift for a friend...or just need a little pick me up for yourself- I highly recommend Black Willow Soaps
Natalee goes above and beyond care when packaging and most importantly her products are outstanding!

Cheers Natalee- for making our home (and us) smell a little sweeter!