Sunday, July 15, 2012

Flowers in the Garden

It's Sunday- and a beautiful sunny day here in south Florida.  I went out and took some pictures of our blooming sunflowers and zinnias! They are gorgeous!!!

We got a mixed pack of Sunflowers- some have multiple blooms on one stem- and the colors are awesome! 

 And the Zinnia's we got as a free pack from Moonlight Micro Farm  I let the boys just sprinkle them about in the garden box- and see what came up....we are happy!!!
 They are sooooo bright and colorful!


 These are so sweet and small- they are tucked in under the towering flowers! We find lots of lizards in our garden box! And the boys are always adding worms they find from around the yard.

 See the munchkins in the back...they were playing with little plastic butterflies- pollinating flowers!

That's the garden for now- maybe later I will run out and take some picks of the Royal Poinciana Tree that is in full bloom out in the front yard! 

Hope you all are out enjoying your Sunday!