Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!

While most people have a negative reaction to this date- I must say that it is my favorite date of the year. My husband proposed to me on a Friday 13th...and a plethora of other happy things have happened on this date! So...for my own cheerful memories- I wish everyone a happy day!!! 

The kids and I were out in the backyard a few days ago- inspecting out plants, looking for neat bugs- when we came across this sweet little Cuban Tree Frog. He has taken up residence in our birdhouse!

  Isn't he adorable? I think so- I love frogs!!!
look- his eyes are closed...he's sleeping!

Later that day we played with some Dain has named it! (it's really Craftsmart Polymer Clay) My boys are big time into Lego Ninjago at the moment.  The snakes are their favorite guys- and they are tough to find in made our own!
The boys were really careful and extremely creative I think- making these little figures.  You can see the real Legos mixed with the bake-n-clay ones! We baked them and when they were cooled the boys painted them to make them authentic! Pretty spiffy kids I got!

For the final installment of that day we come to dinner.  I love a good deal at the grocery store- and they had BOGO Italian I stocked up. We also picked up some really pretty Red what did I wrangle up for dinner that night...


This is the good stuff- look at the gravy....sooooooo good! 

Threw in some onions and garlic- because really...what meal isn't good with onions and garlic???
Oh- and a tiny bit of bacon I wanted to use up...I had a random 2 did that happen?
Anyway-  made some mashed potatoes (and rice of course for my Filipino husband) and yum yum good!

The kids ate every last bite on their plates- red chard and all! What more could a mom ask for! :)

Once again- Happy Friday the 13th...enjoy the weekend!!!