Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer happenings!

Oma made this for me. I saw it on Etsy and she just looked at it and made it! Thanks Mom! I love it!

We had my Mom...aka Oma...visiting for the last couple months- which was great...the boys LOVED having her here! We went swimming, to the beach, played outside and lots of board and card games.  Oma made brownies with Dain and made our favorite Dutch Tomato Soup whenever requested! We were all sad yesterday, as Oma flew back to California :( But we know Grandpa Skip is thrilled!

This was Tagey's 4th birthday. He had a Rayman cake...and his Oma and Lola loving on him!

Here is everyone rushing to get all of the pieces into the new Perfection game! So fun- we all jumped when the timer finished and the board went POP!

Ok- back to work now.  I've got art-o-mat blocks to paint...and a black and white Dragon I have to finish! This is what I have so far...lots to go, but I love the tail :)  I am going to try to be good and post at least once a week for the summer! Stay tuned!!!

...and for everyone that takes the time to read this blog...thank you! It's been a lot of fun posting pics about my work, and great food that my family enjoys...and I love reading comments from you all!

So- Thank You so much for reading about our lives! :)