Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ohh Deer

I am pleased to share that I have two designs in the Ohh Deer illustration design contest that are available for sale for a limited time. 

This is the Maryland Blue and white can fit into any home will definitely fit in MY living room!  :)

and this is Heartfull. A graffiti style typographic illustration with all the great ideas of love and what hearts conjure up in our daily lives!

Go have a peek at the Ohh Deer website.  The competition has it's own section:  Competition Shop.  My work is on page 32...but it might move around- as the competition is based slightly on the purchase ability of the piece.  Meaning- the more pillows of mine that get purchased, the more likely that I will become a permanent illustrator for the shop! So go shopping everyone!

It's pretty exciting having your drawings up for sale on an international site!
Have a great Sunday everyone!