Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yummy Fall Muffins

Pinterest ... Oh, how I love thee!

 I have a board called "Oh Yum".  On this board you can find recipes I have made and loved, ones I soooo want to make, and some that just look so good, ie:complicated- I had to pin them!(please note- I will probably NEVER make those pins)

This was a pin that I saw that had 2 ingredients...a cake mix box and a can of pumpkiny goodness.  Easy right? So I logged it in the back of my mind and forgot about it...until my recent trip to the grocery store.

Walking down the cake/goodies isle, a box of gingerbread cake mix caught my eye. *Ding* Pumpkin recipe smacks me upside the head.  So, I run over and scoop up a few cans o pumpkin and snagged a milk chocolate cake mix too.  My husband is a we must always have a chocolate option!

So here are the ingredients: 1 box of cake mix (bakers choice)
                                             1 can of pumpkin ah-la Libby's
                                              I added mini dark chocolate chips 
                                              a bloop of oil to keep them moist
***and in the chocolate batch I added some ginger and cinnamon***

That is mix it all together, bake at 350 for 15-20 mins...pop a knife in a muffin too see if they are done- and magic pumpkin muffins will be yours! My 4 year old practically made these himself, minus the opening parts!

Here are the gingerbread muffins...we only had 2 left after a playdate yesterday and breakfast this am.
(It makes 12 regular sized muffins) 

 See how they are sort of pumpkin orange :) mmmmmmm.....

The chocolate one's are the boy's favorites. Duh! That includes the kids and the husband.  I liked the gingerbread best...and man did the house smell divine when they were baking.

That's all folks...I am outta here. Gonna make a cup-a-joe and have me a muffin.

oh....and to be fair to the gal who published this first...the link on pinterest goes back to Sweet Verbena blog.  So if you like should give her a shout!

Happy Fall Ya'll!