Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Been a long time

Hi there-

It's been a while since I posted anything...and for that I am sad :( I have been so very busy trying to get all of my tile orders done from Etsy  and my new site LuckiiArts. But that's good right? That is what us small business people like - business! But I am feeling like I am reaching my point of needing a break from tiles.  I do not mass produce...but I feel like I am.  I like the fun of creating new things each time...but that is just what I am loosing...the fun. 

This is what I have been working on....not to mention lots of mock ups for people too!

Wedding tiles for a Mexico wedding- turned out so pretty.

Very cool custom order of a Panama tile design.
I love this one!
Pretty yellow themed Spanish design.
These were a special order- big 8 x 8 tiles that I my friend Dave cut for me. Thanks Dave!

 and yet some more...

Talavera deep colors to match the customers pot.

Garden husbands favorite tiles I paint.
Blue Mexico tiles

These went to Ireland! How cool is that!

Primary Mexico tiles

 That is all from the last 3 weeks...and I still have 2 weddings and a home address set to finish up!


So I am taking a small break from tiles!  I need to have fun- create new creatures and maybe finish up some old pieces I put aside. Besides- what is right around the corner....HOLIDAYS...and with two munchkins under 10, you really have to put priorities in order!

First and foremost is have fun with my boys.  They are only little for a short time- and this time of the year is magical for them. So that is what I plan to do- enjoy my family and the season!

Hope all of you out there in blog land have a great season, whatever your season entails.

Peace out!