Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Loving Society6 new products!

I am so happy that Society6 has come out with new products! Just last month they rolled out new tote bags. You'd think I would have ordered one of my own...right? Free advertising! But NOOOOO....I found a super awesome design of Firefly that I ordered!

 Isn't it cool? And the bag is huge! Lots of "Mom" stuff will fit in there! Thanks Danny.  I LOVE my new Still Flying tote!

Now we come to my favorite new item...pillows! I know, you are thinking...really??? pillows???
But yes- they look so fabulous I cannot stand it!

See...I am amazed how neat they look.  Partly because it's my art on it- sure! But I now understand why all those artist sell their work to material shops and home stores!

I will be ordering one soon- so I can see the quality and feel of the pillows for myself! When I do- I will definitely post a review!

Thanks for stopping by- Have a great day!!!