Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Visiting blogger...kind of!

So, I added my sister to be a contributor to this blog.
This is her: 
Ok- so this was Kel when she was like 9 or 10. She is now a grown up with her own family...see:
They live far up the east coast ...in the land of the cool- opposite of me down here in the land of  HOT!

Regardless of our distance- we still share recipes when we hit a good one! Now- my sister is a full fledged vegetarian...very close to the vegan border. I am a 100% carnivore that also likes vegetables! Go figure!  I asked her initially to be a contributor here on the blog to share her veggie recipes that rock.  But seeing that she just had a baby (#3) and she home-schools her kids and has an online teaching job (she rocks right?)...well- I will just post this Veggie Enchiladas recipe for her! Now I rock ;)

Here it is: Veggie Enchiladas a la seasonal vegetables that she had from her farm share box...let see what's inside shall we?

12-count corn tortillas
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 tsp. cumin
¼ c. tomato paste
¼ c. flour*
2 c. veggie broth^
Heat 2 tbsp. olive oil over medium heat. Add 2 tsp. cumin, ¼ c. tomato paste, ¼ c. flour* and whisk, forming a rue as you would a gravy or cheese sauce.  Whisk in 2 c. veggie broth^ and thicken as desired.
*We were actually out of flour. We put old-fashioned oats in the food processor, ground it into flour, and used that.  The sauce thickened really well, and it was gluten free. I do not know what the results might be with other flours.
^Rapunzel Vegan Vegetable Broth with Sea Salt and Herb – I just whisked the cup into the rue and added the water to bring up the volume.
Kernels from 1 ear of corn
1 medium/small tomato, finely diced
½ sweet onion, finely diced
5 leaves kale, deribbed, finely shredded/chopped
3 small sweet chile peppers, stems and seeds removed, finely diced`
Salt and pepper to taste
½ c Mexican blend cheese
`The peppers had a slight spice/heat to them. I got them at the farmers market and have no idea what kind they were. None of the usual suspects. They look like 1-2” tops – medium green, some blush on them.

Fill each tortilla with mixed veggies, top with sprinkle of cheese – I used just a pinch for each one. Roll them up. Top them with sauce. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake ~20 minutes on 350F. I turned off the over and left them in for another 10 minutes before eating…

Tomatillo Salsa Verde
Roast 8 tomatillos, 3 sweet peppers, 2 small tomatoes, olive oil (@375F 20 min?). Rough chop 1/3 sweet onion, 1 clove garlic. Add roasted veggies, ¼ tsp. sugar, salt, pepper. Blend. I likely forgot something…

Money shot:  (yes...I just used that as a reference for food)

Looks good huh! 

  She texted me all about this a few days ago- and I drooled without any pictures...so I can only imagine this tastes great!  Kel said this was delicious and I bet for anyone out there that wants to try a Meatless Monday...this would fit the bill.

A few more pics of my sis- cause I love her and miss her so!

I love this picture. Kel is a wetlands ecologist and is uber smart! This pic was taken back when she was preggers with her first munchkin...doing fieldwork- sweating to death no doubt! 

and this is my Mom, me and my sister on the Captiva -Mucky Duck beach...many moons ago!

So if you give this recipe a go- let me know what you think!
Thanks for the pics and recipe Kel-