Monday, July 22, 2013

What have you been up to?

Summer...I love it. 

Living in Florida- summer means lots of sun, humidity, and afternoon thunderstorms. It means butterflies, bugs and all sorts of snakes. Dain caught this Black Racer under the Sea Grape tree. He was sooooo excited! 

It was as long as Dain is tall. Poor kid was shaking with excitement- and probably a tab bit of fear. But he is really not scared of much as far as critters go. 

We found this guy at the park. No catching- he was too fast- but really pretty to watch!

We love to hit the water park with friends. 

We play in the pool- almost every day!

Go to the beach...very early in the morning...or we melt!

Sometimes we even brave a restaurant with the boys!
Summer is always full of adventures and fun.

What have you been up to this Summer???