Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick, good for you food

I was cleaning the house this am and worked up a decent appetite. I was looking for something tasty and not bad for me know, no Mickey D's or the like. I had some left over pearl couscous in the fridge and decided...YES- couscous salad sounds like it will fit the bill!

Looking in my fridge I had tomatoes, that's about it.

 So this is what I made:

-mixed together some olive oil...because every good salad starts with olive oil :)
-mixed in a little mustard- the yellow fancy Dijon or spicy, although I think either would     taste great too...I just had the plain old yellow stuff.
-added some salt and pepper...needed an acid, so added some lemon juice...but then it was TOO I added a squirt of agave (honey would work too- even sugar if you mixed it well enough) again- I just had agave!

Mmmmm...tasting good. I mixed in a few shakes of dried parsley and whisked it all together! YUM!

Then I chopped up one juicy red tomato and half of a seedless cucumber.  I went outside between the rain drops (because it has been raining here non stop for ages) and grabbed some pineapple mint and basil...because once again- that is what herbs I have growing in my yard! Nice right?

Then I tossed it all together. Added a tiny pinch of salt...but if I had some black olives that would have been good! oh- or some feta cheese...mmmm. Ok- I didn't have black olives or feta- so it's just a veggie/couscous salad- and it's really good! The fresh herbs do the trick!

Lunch is served! I'm gonna go have seconds.