Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy November!

I have been busy with Etsy work these last few weeks. It seems people are shopping early this year- which works well for me, as I do mostly custom pieces.

I am having to take a little time off this week though. Having a wisdom tooth extracted. Yay! I am 40 years old- and one would think that those buggers would have the sense to stay put...but nooo- one has decided to give me hell and start to come in. Headaches suck- but a never ending headache is just the pits all around!  So wish me luck! It is my first surgery- my first "twilight" experience. I think that part scares me the most- the being out of it part. Bah- C'est la vie.

To prepare for my outing- I have been cramming, trying to get orders out to people in a reasonable time. I did 14 tiles last week- and am finishing up a big Memory Illustration today. Busting butt for sure. It is amazing what you can accomplish when pushed for time!

we love the beach
As for the family: we have been having  lots of fun.  Hit the beach a few times...

new entrance to the science museum

 Visited the newly remodeled South Florida Science Museum. 

dino exhibit

hurricane tunnel

It is awesome. They have a giant room of aquariums now- with a touch tank and Florida Everglades exhibit. The dinosaurs are a super fun exhibit too- but we LOVED the hurricane tube. You stand in this little clear tube and push a button and the wind inside gets to hurricane force winds! Awesome!

Oh- and Oktoberfest!!! We went with some friends this year and had a great time.

in-case we wanted to go back at night without the kids

the kids had a great time too

snow cone faces

So that is what we have been up to. Hope you all have been keeping busy and enjoying the Fall

I'll leave you with a beautiful fall day in West Palm Beach, Florida!