Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sun and Cousin Fun!

This is where I live.  Is it not stunning?  I absolutely love West Palm Beach! Perhaps this post is for all of you that are stuck very cold...waiting for Spring to come!!! Soak it up people!!

My sister and her family live in Rhode Island. They decided that it was time to come home and defrost for a spell.  The first place we took the kiddos was the beach- of course!!! It was a bit rough...but they had oodles of fun chasing waves and playing in the warm sand.

One of my favorite places to take kids and adults when they come to WPB is the Big Tree at the Flagler Museum on Palm Beach Island. It is an enormous banyan tree that has roots that make caves and bumps to climb and play in, on and around.

You see how big this is right?? The kids LOVE it here. There are so many places to hide and climb. Just look how big this root is!!!

There is also a small beach and a walk/bike path that follows the waterway to the Society of the Four Arts

My youngest likes to sit and watch the boats across the way in Downtown WPB at the Waterfront.

This is the can see downtown in the background. The kids love climbing the Seagrape Trees!

Oh...and don't forget the wildlife. This is a Blue Cuban Anole. 
My son, who is 9, loves to catch these. And they are FAST!

 These are the cousins; Dain, Sevy, Teddy, Tage and Ianthe...having fun in the hammock!

Oh...and Happy Birthday to my sister, Kelly!!!

We took the kiddos to the water play area at South Olive Park They loved it so!!! That park never fails to impress...with a water play area and two jungle gyms...lots of fun!!!!!


I just have to leave you with this shot. This is my Mom...aka: Oma to the kids (Oma is Dutch for grandma) She wandered out onto this rock and my youngest hopped out there too. They sat and watched the world float by for a bit. What a beautiful place to live!!!

Wishing everyone a piece of sunshine today!!