Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tile Mosaics by Me!

I have been working with a gal for a few months now on a wall piece for her new home. She is right here in super sunny Florida. She wanted something bright and fun to go on her newly painted sage green and apricot home. I wish I had a picture of the house...but since I do not...try closing your eyes and picturing a pretty bright green sage-y home..with sunny orange-y, yellow apricot accents....mmmm can you see it??? Great color right- especially for here in South Florida!

These are the tiles she decided to go with...a flowery burst of color! These are not her actual tiles. She had 2 sets of address' with letters A & B...as this is a duplex!  But you can get the picture...very bright and fun colors!

Now for the fun part...she is making a mosaic of sorts on the front facade of the duplex. So I have made a few groupings of tiles to be placed under windows...in the corner as accents, etc.  Here are a few pics of what I've made thus far:

This is one of the diagonal pieces...

 and another diagonal. Notice the flower colors change throughout!

There are a few of these singles on the diagonal too!

This is one of the bigger pieces...consists of 9 tiles.  She really likes the red flower center- so I have tried to tie that in...like on this border. 

Oh...found the address tiles. Not the best picture...but you can see the letters and how they all match with the bigger flower tiles.

I believe we have one more set and then the home will be complete! Check back in a month or so...hopefully I can get some installation pictures up! 

This is/was a big project...and I am so grateful to my client for having me take this remodel journey with her!!! Thanks :)