Friday, September 12, 2014

Halloween is coming!

 The epic comes around every year...What are you going to be for Halloween?

With two young boys in our home, we have had the usual...Ninjas, Mario and Luigi, Dragons and various Star Wars favorites. This year is no exception! The oldest, Dain (9), has been reading the Harry Potter series- I believe he is on book 4. He is hooked- which I love :0) How could you not love that your kid thinks Harry is the most awesome kid on earth! So, of course, he wants to be Harry this year. Tage, our 6 year old loves Ron...which I think is adorable because he is very much like Ron!

So here is the look they want to dress as: 

The school robes! Now, we live in south Florida. Robes and hot, humid weather does not mesh well!!! But really, what costume does mesh well with ubber hot? They don't seem to mind though- so Harry Potter it will be!

We will find the robes, I'm sure they are everywhere still. If not- I will head to my favorite place to make costumes...Goodwill!!! I plan on looking for ties there anyway :)

We will need some cute little round problem...and wands. Now, a few years ago the boys got the Harry Potter lego Wii game and lego Hogwarts castle- so we had a brief love of Harry then too. I found this really cool shop on Etsy that made wands, so we ordered the boys one each. Needless to say, Dain's is no more. He had the Dumbledore wand- but it ended in little pieces :( Tage still has his Ron wand- and all it needs is a little paint touch up. Dain still needs a wand though. 

So, last night I got creative! I made a wand out of chop sticks, rubber bands, hot glue and paint!

Here are the old and new wands:

Can you tell which is which?

I made the bottom...the bumpy gnarled wand. The Etsy bought wand is the smooth top one. 
Dain loves it- I mean LOVES it!  So if you are looking for a cool wand this year for Halloween...try to make your own! 

We are on a hunt for the rest of the costumes for now...but at least we have the most important part- the wands!

Because how can you do magic without one?????