Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fun in the Garden

It's January. January and it's 81 degrees today. Man.
Welcome to Florida husband calls it Swinter. (thank you, Phineas and Ferb)

Don't get me wrong- it is stunningly lovely out today. My littlest munchkin and I went to go check on our garden. We planted seeds and some potted things last weekend...and we wanted to show you all the progress!

This is our cat Jaffe. She is 20 years old- not sure how ancient that is in cat years...but she has been with me pre-husband...pre-children...pre-marriage.  Let's just say we have been together a LONG time!

Let's take a peek at the raised garden bed:

This year we planted some lettuce...marigolds all around the garden- and sprinkled in some herbs here and there.

These are Brusselsprouts. Not sure if they will actually grow this far south...but fingers crossed. I thought it would be really neat for the kids to see how they grow.  Both the boys help wash, cut and prepare them when we cook them. And they actually EAT them too! (I make them with cranberries or dried cherry bits- and almonds...yummm) So this will be GREAT if they grow!
oh...and behind the brusselsprouts are radishes.

 Look at all of them.  The boys will help thin out when it's time! We mixed in some flowers too- as they boys like to see bugs and things...figured it was a good way to get bees to visit the garden.

 We planted 3 varieties of tomatoes. We eat them right off the vine- sooo good.

I have never used boxwood basil- but it's quite tasty.  We had some quinoa a few nights back and I threw in a handful of the boxwood...good stuff!

I believe some of these are bush beans.  They did great last year- and the boys eat those right off the plant too. Not sure what those tiny seeds are in the foreground. I tried to keep the planting orderly...but they boys were super excited.  I am afraid our garden might have a few surprises this year! hehehe

Kitty stopping for a scrub.  She follows us all around the yard. Keeping an eye on things I suppose!

There she is again- next to the butterfly bush. It was bursting with purple not so long ago.

This is a new little area we grouped together, I sit out on a chair and read my kindle while the boys run and play.

Lastly, some oregano we dug out of the garden and potted. Mmmmm.

 Tage painting out on the patio...he loves his new easel!

That's it. Our yard in a nut shell! 

Thanks for visiting!