Monday, February 11, 2013

Garden Update and the Beach

Everything is growing! You'd never guess it's February by the looks of the garden. We have sprouts in the raised bed, buds on the Maples and even the fruit trees are starting to flower...weird! But that is the way of the world it seems. Everything is a bit more extreme. Extreme cold, extreme heat, extreme snow. (my sister lives in RI and they got 24" of snow) thanks to Nemo!

So here are some pretty new pics of our raised bed: 

 Aren't these the sweetest, tiniest tomatoes ever? Just love them! We check them every day and are so proud!

 This is the 'Momma Tomato': my 8 year old named it! He is dying for her to start to turn red!

 We have some radishes that are getting fat at the!

 Lovely lettuce...coming in nicely!

 This is a snowball tree (don't know the actual name for it).  It is in full bloom and quite beautiful!
 These are some quick little birdies. They come in droves to the feeders and love the purple Beauty Berries and Barbados Cherries.
 Love these...they are my happy porch flowers where I drink my coffee in the am!

 and the Sedum is starting to bloom too!

The garden is lovely this time of year and we spend most of our time outdoors! Yesterday it was crazy windy and overcast a we took the kids to the beach! Love beach days like this.

Look at those clouds.

Man-o-War everywhere.

We found some beach art!

We had a blast.  Found tons of sea glass and beach pottery while exploring the rocks and shells!

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!