Friday, January 4, 2013

So handy, a cork!

What to do with old corks? I have a few stashed away in my big misc. everything drawer.  It houses knives, whisks, funny shaped wooden spoons, small icing tubes....and about 6 corks of the wine bottle and champagne variety. I keep them around "just in case"...and today I needed them!

Check this out... is three corks stuffed into my pot handle.  I don't know how many times I have scorched my hand pulling that piping hot handle off the pot...cursing myself, running my fingers through cold water.  Well, today I stuffed these handy "just in case" corks in that HOT handle and what do ya know- instant pot holder! woohoo! I remember reading a woman's blog around Turkey Day while looking up recipes- and she had the same I am sure most of us do! I guess it was cataloged in the back of my brain and today- NEED called upon it to resurface!

If I could remember where I read this- I would love to drop her a note and say "Thank you, oh BRILLIANT woman" because I am ever so grateful for her little tip!

I hope this post helps out any of you out there with my same hot pot top dilemma!
Here's to cool, unburnt fingers!!!

Happy cooking-