Friday, February 22, 2013

Spicy Cheesy Potato Goodness

This post is for my Tallahassee family. Some of my very BEST memories are with these folks...
BEST Halloween parties ever-
BEST MarioKart marathon races-
BEST South Park nights-
BEST music and dance nights, road trips, shows and chillouts at Dundee.

The BEST friends anyone could ask for!

One of these best friends used to make some awesome spicy, cheesy potatoes on the grill. I am going to share with you how this magic is made.

Potatoes a-la Brian:

You will need many diced potatoes (though in a pinch I have been known to use frozen french fries...don't knock it)
Form a bowl shaped out of tin foil...double that baby up, because you don't want to loose any magic juices.  Leave a bunch at the top- because later we fold it up and put in on the grill.
I take a spot of oil or butter and coat the inside of the foil the taters won't stick too much.
Now put all of your potatoes in the foil bowl...give a few shakes of whatever seasoning you like (we use season MSG-bleck!) then you toss in a few pads of butter, a splash of milk or cream- whatever you have on hand. I like cream...because who doesn't like creamy goodness all over potatoes? Then you toss in some cheese.  Whatever you fancy is fine. We like cheddar...maybe some parm??? Some black pepper too. Then the jalapenos!!! Oh they make these soooo good! We go kinda light so the kids can eat them- then add more to our plates later to jazz it up.

Wrap it up tight...put in to the grill and wait for magic! We usually take them off every 10 mins or so to stir them up..and check for doneness.  Usually takes 20-30 mins.  Check them and stir them and you will be fine!

We eat these with a multitude of foods, but we just had them this week with steak and cucumber salad! Yum

So- thank you to all my wonderful Tallahassee friends- especially you Brian- we still clink a glass to you when eating spicy, cheesy potatoes! 
Miss you guys!  ♥