Friday, June 14, 2013

Beachy Tiles for our vacation spot!

As you know- we recently got back from our annual week at Sanibel! was lovely!

We love the home we rent. Sea Winds Cottage: It is a spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath, phat kitchen and pool home- loaded with books to sit on the beach and veg with! The family that owns this wonderful piece of heaven just made a fabulous new mailbox with  a mix of shells they found on the beach. It looks really super- so I thought....HEY- I make address tiles...why not make some new address numbers for the house too!

So here ya go Sea Winds...

Beachy and fun! They are made out of slate tiles 4 x 4 squares...and I drilled holes in them so they can just be screwed onto the post with the mailbox! They are getting the final coat of Poly and they will be ready to mail off.

What do you think? Should I put them up on my etsy store??? 

The trip also inspired me to make some cute beach signs. I love those old weathered signs you see around the walkways at beaches. These are a bit crisp still...but will weather up nicely as they age! 

Hope everyone gets a change to visit the beach this summer. We plan on going as much as we can!!!