Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Critters on Blocks

I do a little series for Art-o-mat on small wooden blocks. I started with trees...all shapes and sizes of trees.

Then I became inspired by our lively backyard- filled with birds and bugs and other animals that seem to bloom in the South Florida scene.

cute right- i love the bugs!

I made the birds for my Nana who loved Cardinals.
Then it became beach weather...finally warm enough for us lightweights to swim...which means the water temp got to about 75-80 degrees. I started working on ocean animals. Mahi Mahi, Manatee, Squid, Jellyfish.  These are some of my favorite art blocks!

But recently I did an all white series for a special show for Art-o-mat and I loved how these little critters turned out.

So I decided to do a whole series just on these little guys with glasses. As you can see I have been having fun adding new critters to the mix- and color too!

I have just added these little guys to my ETSY shop...and very soon will be shipping off a new edition to Art-o-mat to be then placed all over the country!

What inspires you to make and create?