Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am a visual gal. My favorite feature on Google is the "images" button. I am drawn to articles and blogs that have superior photographs of food, landscape pics and even great shots of people. That must be why I love my little ol' instagram so much! It is the first thing I check when my phone is in hand. Even my kids are in on it...asking "Mommy, what's new on instagram?" 

My love affair began late. I have only recently joined the smartphone world..maybe 6 months ago. My girlfriend had talked about instagram for what seemed like I had no idea what she was talking about- nor could I...for I still owned a sucky, non-smart phone! When we finally switch to smartphone capable, she immediately snatched my phone up from me and added me to the little picture cult! I am ever so grateful!  Thanks Jessa :)

Now, I post pics of awesome food...I LOVE food- and if it is pretty..well-everyone should see it!
See- isn't that so pretty! And now when people I know have a fabulous meal out- or create something magical at home- I get to see it, drool over it- and try to make it myself! Inspired!

Of course I also post about my kids- goofy shots of them being young and fearless. I get to see all the cousins from Florida to Rhode Island to California and even the Philippines. I follow National Geographic. Man, their photographers take GORGEOUS shots!

Do you instagram? Perhaps I will see you on there ;)

Happy picture sharing!